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what's PAM?

PAM is a standardized system for children's disease classification and annotation,it is also a convenient information exchange platform.We want to offer the most professional information of children's disease to all doctors and patients in the world by our system. We also offer a platform that people can communicate with each other.


Why PAM?

Each year, millions of children around world suffer from the consequence of the misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment of various diseases, especially those intractable diseases and rare diseases.To facilitate the pediatric disease diagnosis and treatment, we build the Pediatrics Annotation & Medicine(PAM)system.


present situation

Currently, PAM has collected 3,631 pediatric diseases, more comprehensive than any other existing pediatric disease system. It also includes "synonyms" (or alias) information for each disease standard name (currently contains 2,027 synonyms records). We will devote ourselves to continually update PAM system.



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